Precast concrete skeletal frame system

The system consists of the following structural components:
  • Precast RC Pile
  • Insitu RC Pilecap
  • Precast RC Column
  • Precast RC Spandrel Edge Beam with plain concrete finish
  • Precast RC Spandrel Edge Beam with exposed aggregate Finish
  • Precast Prestressed Double Tee Slab
  • Precast Stair Flight and Landing
  • Precast Shear Wall
  • Precast RC Ramp
  • Structural Screed Reinforced with BRC Mesh
  • Public assembly e.g. stadium and sport complex
  • Public transport terminal e.g. bus and taxi, LRT, Monorail, airport and railway station
  • User friendly and safe
  • Cost-effective due to mass production of precast components
  • Speedy construction i.e. early return on investment
  • Good circulation route, easy turns and good lines of vision to identify vacant parking spaces
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Dual land use, by erecting car park over streets, canals, rivers and rail road tracks
  • Internal grid layout flexibility
  • Ample room for services within the structural components
  • Clear span ?permits two way traffic, wider aisles and less congestion
  • Aesthetically pleasing ?architectural spandrels or cladding can feature a variety of patterns, aggregates, colors, textures and shapes. Finishes include fractured fin finish, exposed aggregate finish or profile with curve
  • Concrete durability due to high strength concrete used
  • Effective protection against corrosion, abrasion, impact and vandalism
  • Quality controlled factory manufacturing environment
  • Ramped floor
  • Split level or flat deck structure to optimize car parking spaces
  • Minimum clear headroom = 2.05m
  • Column free areas for flexible and optimum car parking layout i.e. greater rental space
  • Several framing options possible e.g. cantilever, clear span
  • Several circulation patterns possible e.g. flat deck car park with external ramps, split level circulation with scissor ramps
  • Meet fire resistance requirements
  • Provision for waterproofing and drainage
  • For multi storey carparks, stability provided by shear walls, lift and service cores
  • Stand alone (self-standing) structure, or can be attached to existing structures, or integrated to other structures in major township developments
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